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Maspeth Movie Theater (1925)

The Maspeth Theater, built in 1924 with 1,161 seats by Straus and Strausberg. The theater was taken over by William Fox in 1927 but went into bankruptcy in the crash of 1929. The successor company, Metropolitan Playhouse, assigned it to a company called Randforce Amusement Company. Randforce Amusement ran the theater until 1965 when it closed its doors forever.

Betts Farmhouse (1900)

The ancestral home of the Betts family (located at 58 Street) was founded by Captain Richard Betts, who for sixty years was a leading man in town and died in 1713 in his hundredth year. He and several other Englishmen came from Plymouth in 1651,

James Maurice, 1814-1884

James Maurice, a United States Congressman, prominent lawyer and landowner in Maspeth in the 1800's.

Meinhardt Blacksmith (1882)

George Meinhardt's blacksmithery stood on Mazeau Street. Meinhardt was the foremost blacksmith in Maspeth in the 1880s.

Wheelwright Shop

Anton Fausner's wheelwright shop, Grand Avenue and Hamilton Place, dated back to 1852. Ancient signs belonging to a long-ago auto repair shop can be seen on the ground floor.

Koenig Florist, 1900

On Caldwell Avenue in the southern part of Maspeth, the Koenig family owned a florist and flower farm for many years.

Grand Avenue & 71 Street (1929)

Grand Avenue & 71 Street Intersection circa 1929.

Niederstein's Restaurant (1939)

Built by Henry Schumacher about 1854, this building was John Niedersteinís hotel and restaurant in 1888. In the 1970ís the hotel was modernized by its new owners, who removed the porch and carriage sheds to make way for small parking lots. It ceased functioning as a hotel many years ago. In February of 2005, it closed its doors after 150 years.

Eliot Avenue & 69th Lane (1943)

Eliot Avenue & 69th Lane Intersection circa 1943.

Borden Avenue & Maurice Avenue 1944

Borden Avenue & Maurice Avenue Intersection circa 1944.

Grand Avenue East of 66 Street (1946)

Cobblestone surfaced Grand Avenue from 66 Street circa 1946.

Grand Avenue & 69 Street (1947)

Grand Avenue & 69th Street Intersection circa 1947.

Grand Avenue & 71 Street (1947)

Shows trolley moving along Grand Avenue at 71 Street Intersection circa 1947.

Fresh Pond Road 1949

Trolley Car that ran down Fresh Pond Road in 1949.

Maspeth Avenue & 61 Street (1949)

Maspeth Avenue & 61 Street Intersection circa 1949.

Metropolitan Avenue & Flushing Avenue (1949)

Metropolitan Avenue & Flushing Avenue Intersection circa 1949.

L.I.E. Construction (1954)

Long Island Expressway construction at 69 Street circa 1954.

Grand Avenue & Rust Street (1955)

Grand Avenue & Rust Street Intersection at 59 Place circa 1955.

Borden Avenue & 61 Street (1971)

Borden Avenue & 61 Street Intersection circa 1971.


*Most photos credited to Christina Wilkinson & The Maspeth Post Office*

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