Our History
In 1947, a group of local businesspeople organized together in Maspeth and formed the Maspeth Progressive Merchants Association.  From various records recovered over the years we formed the opinion that this organization was an attempt to get merchants and business professionals in the Maspeth business district involved for the common good and betterment of the community in which they made their living.

In 1953 this group decided to form what is now known as the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce - and so the Chamber was "born".  The objectives of this new organization were "to promote the general welfare of the community of Maspeth, to foster its commerce and to dedicate itself to the perpetuation of a free economy and competitive enterprise to the end that the community of Maspeth shall make the greatest possible contribution to the advancement of society."

The early Chamber had many wonderful accomplishments.  They were able to unite businesspeople and encourage residents to shop locally.  In those days, there were wonderful family owned businesses such as Leberfeld's, Griffs Hardware, Fisher's Men's Shop, Thrifco Ladies Apparel, Maspeth Federal Savings, Francis Gruebel Plumbing, Maspeth Press Printers and Mount Olivet Cemetery to name a few.  The last four are still in business today.  It was easier in the fifties and sixties because there were no big box stores, no shopping malls and no chain stores.  People were less likely to travel to other communities to purchase their needs.  The Chamber survived the decades through many peaks and valleys and through the many changes to the make up of our business community.  Many Mom & Pop stores were forced out of business.

Today, the Chamber stands proud as both a dynamic force in the business community and as a voice for our merchants.